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Weekly Bulletins

Peoria Church
5575 E 325 S, Peru, Indiana 46970
Aug. 22, 2010 – Trinity XII

Brian Daniels, pastor; Guy Luttrell, lay reader; Debbie Fishback, organist

Opening Hymn: Number 62 (purple) – All Creatures of Our God… (verses 1,2, 5, 7)
The Peace
Children’s Message The children are dismissed for children’s Church afterwards

Hymn Number 434 (brown) – Love Lifted Me
First Reading: Genesis 41:1-14, 25-28, 37-41
Psalm 72:  Purple hymnal page 795
Gloria Patri
Second Reading: II Corinthians 3:4-9
The Nicene Creed
Sharing Joys, Thanksgivings and Prayer Concerns
Prayer Hymn – No. 394 (purple) – Something Beautiful (2x)
Pastoral Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
Offering and Doxology and Prayer of Dedication
Sermon: Traits of Leadership
Closing Hymn: Number 580 (purple) – Lead On, O King Eternal
Departing Hymn

Sermon Notes:
I. Leadership of God’s People in the Biblical Times:
1) Pre-1800 B.C. – Patriarchs;
2) 1400-1100 B.C. – Judges;
3) ca.1050-950 B.C. – Kings;
4) 950-600-ish B.C. – Minor Kings;
5) Outside Hebrews/Israelites

II. Psalm 72 author: King Solomon

III. Traits of Biblical Leadership:

1) Vs. 1-2: ________________________
2) Vs. 3, 15-17: ____________________
3) Vs. 4, 12-14: ____________________
4) Vs. 5-7: ________________________
5) Vs. 8-11: _______________________
6) Vs. 17: _________________________
7) Vs. 18-19: _______________________

Birthdays and Anniversaries

8/23, Sierra Sturgell; 8/28, Jeanette Ensign

* BIBLE STUDY is every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Radene Ward’s home, 595 W 500 S. We are studying Colossians.

NEXT SUNDAY: Peoria Church Women’s White Elephant Auction
* Peru Barbershoppers in worship: Service is at 10 a.m.
* Carry-in After Church
* Auction follows the meal: Benefit for PCW’s missions and projects
* Invite your friends and families or this special day

Sept. 2-4 – Quilt-Craft-Scrapbook with Debbie Marschand at College Corner Brethren; see flier in foyer for details
Sun., Sept. 12 – Holy Cross Sunday; Holy Communion
Sun., Oct. 10 – Homecoming: Special Guest Performer – Guitarist Kevin West
Sat., Nov ? – Chili Supper…

Our Shut-ins: Lillian Blackman, Mary Ward, Leona Lenon, Marcille Ranstead, Danny Sarten, Angie Clark, Clara Bowman, Janet Behny, Marty Davies, Vida Perrill, Edwin David
Our College Students: Erica Binkerd, Hope Turcheck, Derek Davies, Kayla Robison, Cody Minns, Bridget Driscoll, Andrea Davies, Kaitlyn Driscoll
Our Servicemen: Patrick Bradley, Christian Ensign, Jonathan Ensign, Christopher Ensign, Russell Marschand, Chad Troyer, Steve Shinholt, Ethan Eckelbarger
Our Concerns: Gene Hogan, Wayne Losure, Amy Bates, Maxine Singleton, Colleen Grass-man, Lester Robison, Nicola Coty, Patty Cor-rell, Maxine Helton, Brad Oldfather, Larry Yoder, Kay Gray, Bob Ulrey, Cole Alwine, Mandy Shinholt, Riley Powell, Colt Christman, Ashley Blackman, Lori Miller, Sally Yoder, Chris Graber & family, Richard Gaunt, George Foster, Mark Niccum, Jack Jumper, Cindy Frischman, Terry Wible, Bonnie Loucks, Anna Driscoll, Ted Jones, Dale Cook, Debbie Rempe, Ascher Kerschner, Caroline Hopkins, Matthew Harpel family, Mitch Younce, Jane Gray, Ray Hopkins, Angie Morris, Angela Hubble and baby, Abby Brenneman and Deklan, Janet Bailey, Irma Dinwiddie, Todd Burns, Gene Ranstead, Pam Wolfe, Russell Troyer, Larry Eckelbarger, Sue Sorrell, Deb Noffsinger, Chuck Cavert
Our Church: Pray for the children of our congregation as they begin the school year and for the teachers, aides, and administrators

Aug. 29 –Sept. 26
For Helping Hands
Receptacles in Foyer are for non-perishable groceries, soap, detergent, paper goods, etc.

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