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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Xristos Anesti

Christ is risen!

The icon above is a picture of the women bringing herbs and spices to embalm the Body of the Lord on the first day of the week. Obviously, the women had a surprise waiting for them when they arrived in the Garden . . .an Angel announcing:

"Xristos Anesti! Christ is risen!"

After the gloom of that first Maundy Thursday and the darkness of that first Good Friday, the myrrh-bearing women little expected to find a joy-bearing Messenger.

He is risen, indeed. Alleluia!

I had a particularly meaningful Lent this year. I tried to maintain a good fasting discipline and I stayed away from the Internet as much as possible, except for e-mail. I didn't listen to the radio at all and that was harder than the internet - I'm a news junkie and being away from NPR for a month and a half was nearly my undoing.

Three things that made this Lent particularly special were writing projects I undertook.

The first was to finish my book on the founders of Peoria Church, Benjamin and Anna Hahn. It's a charming story and now all that's left to do is to find a publisher (in my spare time!). It's really a pioneer story, set in the 1840's - 1890's, a journey that was as much toilsome as it was spiritual. When I find a publisher, you'll know.

(And I hope you buy a copy, too!)

The second writing project involves beginning a book about another pioneer family, my in-laws. Chester and Angie Clark aren't quite like the Hahns, but their story is fascinating, too, of a southern family who came north during the depression and made a life as farmers and factory workers in rural Indiana. I was able to spend a day with my mother-in-law getting some background things.

The third writing project I'm keeping under wraps for now, but it is one I'm very excited about. I'll keep you posted :-)

My good friend, Pastor Tim, has spurred me to get blogging again, too. He's started a blog for his Church and I thought it may be time to resurrect The Country Parson, too. (Tim's blog has a great name: 'Neadertheology'. I love it!)

Paschal blessings to you and yours!