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Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Blog for Questions and Answers

I've begun another blog intending to be a little more interactive than The Country Parson. I'm calling it, "Ask the Country Parson."

My intention is not to be the 'Answer Man,' but to bring about some discussion about things that I am asked all the time as a pastor. I'll share my perspective, and I'd like to encourage you to begin a dialogue through the Comments Section that might generate personal and spiritual growth for everyone.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


1 comment:

Kim said...

Thanks for this, Brian! I just want to let everyone know how much Ray and I appreciate all the prayers and concerns we've been blessed with thus far. I had a really scary night Sunday....first of all, I'm not sleeping that well since the news of the mammogram. But what I realized Sunday nite was that this time next week, I could possibly not be here or tomorrow for that matter. I was really shaken up by this realization and the fact that we have no control. It is in God's hands and He is in control and like it or not, when it's time to go, it's time. I am not faring well with this right now, especially as I look around and see all that I need to do before I go. I almost called you to talk about this but thought better against it (2 a.m.). Anyway, I'm doing better today and know that I have to believe in my faith to keep going or I'm going to drive myself bonkers! Thanks for listening!